The expansive airport of Liege attracts in the first place holiday charters and courier flights; the latter are mainly operated during the night. Liege Airport registered 63,054 movements in 2013 (40,196 IFR and 22,858 VFR). Belgocontrol has taken over the air traffic control at Liege Airport 24 hours per day, 7 days per week as from 1st March 2011. Previously, the military were in charge of controlling the air traffic in this zone by day during the week.

The meteo service carries out the meteorological observations, draws up the forecasts and translates them into information for the airline companies and their pilots. The engineering services of Belgocontrol are well represented and are responsible for the installation and maintenance of all technical equipment for communication, navigation and surveillance at the airport.

Address :

Aéroport de Liège
Bâtiment 86
B-4460 Grâce-Hollogne

DGO/ATS (Operations / Air Traffic Services)
Alain Fourny
Tel. +32 474 611 636

DGO/MET (Operations / Meteorology)
Jean Maury
Tel. +32 4 234 85 46
Fax +32 4 234 85 74

DGE/E (Equipment)
Pascal Van De Leest
Tel. +32 4 234 84 19
Fax +32 4 234 85 19

Video: Air traffic control (1,83 Mb)
Video: Our mission (3,66 Mb)
Annual report 2014 (4,26 Mb)