Media Center - Brochures

CANAC 2: performance-oriented air traffic control   (0.84 Mb)
Discover CANAC 2, the air traffic management system that equips the air traffic control centre and the control towers of the five Belgian public airports and implements an innovative operational concept centred on the tactical management of the air traffic flows.

The Sky within your reach: become an air traffic controller   (0.16 Mb)
What is air traffic control ? How does one become air traffic controller ? A short guide for candidate air traffic controllers.

Training Centre - Driven by excellence in air traffic management   (0.59 Mb)
Presentation of the Belgocontrol's Training Centre and information about our training offerings in air traffic control, technology (systems of communication, navigation and radar surveillance) and meteorology.

Technical expertise for air navigation safety   (0.59 Mb)
The technical systems that are essential for air traffic safety, as well as the ATSEP professions and their career perspectives at Belgocontrol.

Meteorological services - Accurate weather information for a safe airspace   (0.52 Mb)
Introduction to the Meteorological Services of Belgocontrol.

The Control Tower at Brussels Airport - For optimal safety of air navigation   (0.63 Mb)
Presentation of the Control Tower at Brussels National Airport, from its construction to its commissioning beginning 2005. A control tower which has become a reference in the world of air traffic control.

AMS - Airport Movement System   (0.78 Mb)
Introduction to AMS, the Airport Movement System, developed in-house by Belgocontrol.

Single European Sky - FAB Europe Central - Redefining air traffic control in the heart of Europe   (0.72 Mb)
Brochure edited jointly by the seven air navigation service providers engaged in the FAB Europe Central feasibility study.

AIM- Aeronautical Information Management   (0.14 Mb)
Tailor-made products and services offered by the AIM Department to all airspace users.