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Ever since its creation in 1998, Belgocontrol carried out projects of great importance within very short deadlines and at all times paying a particular attention to the quality of the result: a new main operational site adjacent to Brussels Airport, including a control tower, designed and equipped by Belgocontrol, as well as a training centre housing a tower simulator and a radar simulator of the latest generation.

Belgocontrol aims at offering its expertise, sense of quality and professionalism - all of which are testified by its recent accomplishments - to external customers, airspace users, organisms and other air navigation service providers throughout the world.

Belgocontrol puts its expertise at your disposal in the following fields:

  • Control tower & Systems:
    • Project management for building a control tower
    • ‘Tower' air traffic control system (Airport Movement System – AMS) and integration of operational concepts
  • Training solutions :
    • Training of air traffic controllers
    • Meteorology Training

AIM Briefing

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Annual report 2017