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The sky within your reach

By reducing distances, air transport gives an impetus to commercial and cultural exchanges as well as to international cooperation.

Working at Belgocontrol makes you partake in this process by ensuring air traffic safety, which is the ultimate priority of the company.

Working at Belgocontrol means playing an economic and social part on a global scale and opening up future prospects to many other sectors in economy.

Working at Belgocontrol means creating good safety conditions for an growing air traffic.

In a booming sector, Belgocontrol, an autonomous public company, offers a whole range of different career opportunities in:

  • its operational department: as air traffic controller, instructor, meteorologist…
  • its technical department: as radar technician, electronics engineer, project manager, developer…
  • its administrative department.

On top of an attractive salary, Belgocontrol offers wide social security coverage and many extra-legal benefits.

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Investing in our future

You are the engine that powers Belgocontrol. Your knowledge, expertise, experience and human qualities are the driving force behind our development.

Belgocontrol wants to valorize your skills by creating a pleasant and motivating working environment based on the development of the personality of all its employees; women and men thanks to whom our mission is successful every day.

To invest in our common future means to invest in your training. That is why Belgocontrol provides continuous training to its staff in every field and at every level of the company.

  • air traffic control (ATC)
  • Technical equipments and systems of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance
  • meteorology
  • office automation
  • management

All these trainings are provided in our brand-new centre equipped with the latest infrastructure.

AIM Briefing

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