Each aircraft that lands on or takes off from a Belgian airport and/or flies across the Belgian airspace must pay charges for the services provided by Belgocontrol.

A distinction is made between the services for landing and take-off and the en route charges.

TNC (Terminal Navigation Charges)

Belgocontrol bills all users of Brussels National Airport for air navigation services.
For this purpose, the Terminal Charges Office uses a computer system that receives information on the movements from CANAC and combines it with the data supplied by the companies that perform the flights.

The unit rate charged and the tariff formula are laid down in the management contract between the Belgian State and Belgocontrol.

The services at the regional airports are governed by the treaty of cooperation between the Belgian State and the Regions (Belgian Official Journal of 9 March 1990).
Indeed the management of these airports is since then under regional competence.

En route charges

The "en route" services, this means the services provided to air traffic overflying, landing on and taking off from the Belgian airports, are invoiced by Eurocontrol in implementation of the ‘Multilateral Agreement relating to Route Charges'.

To this end, Eurocontrol receives from Belgocontrol the data provided by the Route Charges Office. The computer system gathers all information on the flights that take off from airports in Belgium and Luxembourg (to calculate the en route charges, the airspace of Belgium and the airspace of Luxembourg are merged into one charging zone. That is why the data of the Luxembourg airport are also forwarded by Belgocontrol.)

Thanks to the centralization of information from all the participating Member States (40 countries in 2014), Eurocontrol and especially the CRCO (Central Route Charges Office) are able to send invoices per flight to the airline companies and then to share out the payments received among the different countries according to the national unit rates and the distance covered in the airspace concerned.

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