Control Tower & Systems

The wide interest generated by the new control tower at Brussels Airport, both from an architectural and technical point of view, clearly demonstrates the company's abilities in the field of project management. The tower project combined building aspects with the integration of operational concepts and new technologies in an infrastructure tailored to the needs of air navigation services.

Project management for building a control tower


The control tower at Brussels Airport was put into service at the end of 2004 and it represents the efficiency and the dynamics of air traffic control in Belgium. It took two years to construct and equip this architectural and technological tour de force. It became operational within the foreseen deadlines and within the estimated budget: a feat that Belgocontrol is willing to repeat.



The 'Control Tower' Project Management service includes:

  • an implementation study
  • the follow-up of the architectural design
  • the integration of special techniques
  • the pre-installation of specific systems for air traffic control


For more information about this service

Alain Vandenabeele
Director-General Equipment
Tel. +32-2-206 90 00



AMS – System for ‘Tower' control and integration of operational concepts

AMS - Airport Movement System – is a system for ‘Tower' air traffic control that has been entirely developed by Belgocontrol. AMS combines radar and flight plan data and integrates the international concepts of A-SMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement and Control System) and CDM (Collaborative Decision Making). It is a system in which new functionalities can be integrated that will form the air traffic control of the future, shaped by developments and research results.

AMS is entirely evolutional and has become a reference. It is being supported by Eurocontrol in particular, with which partnerships have been concluded. In the domain of tower control, Belgocontrol is today one of the leading ANSPs in Europe and the AMS developments are in line with the technological requirements of the Single European Sky project. Although the main client for the AMS realtime applications is the Tower at Brussels Airport, other internal and external customers take advantage of the expertise:

  • Eurocontrol: for various studies as well as research and development projects
  • The Brussels Airport Company: for the Stand and Gate Allocation and CDM data exchange
  • Approach Control in CANAC: for the implementation of AMS Radar Data Displays and Flight Data Displays, to support their coordination task with the TWR.
For more information about this service

Alain Vandenabeele
Director-General Equipment
Tel. +32-2-206 90 00



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