Intended audience

This user guide is intended for all users of the Belgocontrol Droneguide app.

Basic familiarity with your Apple iOS/Google Android mobile device including its operating system software is the only prerequisite for understanding the information presented in this guide.

Software prerequisites (Jun. 2018)

Following mobile device operating systems are supported:

  • Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later.

  • Apple iOS 10 or later.

Following web browsers are supported:

  • Evergreen i.e. auto-updating browsers such as Microsoft Edge (most recent version and 2 versions back), Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox (most recent version and 2 versions back with major patches applied), and Google Chrome (most recent version and 2 versions back).

  • Apple Safari (most recent version and 1 version back).

  • Opera (most recent version and 2 versions back).

The screenshots included in this user guide were taken on an Android mobile device but the Belgocontrol Droneguide app has a very similar look-and-feel when running on an iOS mobile device.


This user guide explains how to use the Belgocontrol Droneguide app to view Belgian limited and no-drone zone information and how to use the app to help you with validating and logging drone operations/flights in Belgium.

Reader’s comments

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The information in this user guide is © 2018 Unifly.

Installing the Belgocontrol Droneguide app

Use your mobile device specific installation procedure (i.e. the Play Store app on Android and the App Store app on iOS) to download and install the Belgocontrol Droneguide app. You can easily locate the app in the Apple or Android app store by searching for the strings Belgocontrol or Unifly.

Launching the Belgocontrol Droneguide app

  1. Tap the Belgocontrol Droneguide app icon to launch the app.

  2. You are now automatically directed to the app’s login screen:

    bc start login
  3. From the login screen you can:

    1. Tap the LOGIN button to log in if you are already registered on the Belgocontrol UTM system. See section Logging in for the first time for more details.

    2. Tap the SIGN UP button to register on the Belgocontrol UTM system if you are not registered yet. See section Registering on the Belgocontrol UTM system for more details on the registration process.

    3. Tap Explore without account to use the app anonymously. See section Exploring the app without an account for more details.

Exploring the app without an account

It is possible to try out the app without registering and logging in first. This allows you to access most but not all functionalities of the app.

Following functional limitations are active when using the app anonymously:

  • You cannot register/use your own drones for drone operation validation.

  • You are limited to selecting one of a total of three standard drones for drone operation validation purposes: a small drone (0-1 kg), a medium drone (1-5 kg) or a large drone (more than 5 kg).

  • The "PROFILE" screen is disabled so gear and logbook management are not available.

  • Your flights are not logged in the app’s logbook.

  • Account management is disabled.

  • The app does not allow you to manage your preferred user interface language, your preferred coordinates display format and your preferred units for distance, mass, temperature, height, and speed.

Registering on the Belgocontrol UTM system

To use the full functionality of the app, you will first need to register yourself on the Belgocontrol UTM system and you need to login.

Proceed as follows to register:

  1. On the login screen tap the SIGN UP button to go to the registration page, complete the registration form (an actively used email address is required), and tap the SIGN UP button to continue: