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With the explosive growth in the sales and use of drones comes the challenge of giving them access to the airspace in a safe way.
Step one to their safe integration in the skies is to inform drone pilots about where and under which conditions they are allowed to fly. Although the regulations are clear, it remains a challenging job for both the recreational and well-trained professional drone pilot to apply them always and everywhere in a correct manner.

That is why droneguide.be was set up as a joint initiative of Belgocontrol and the Belgian Civil Aviation Authorities (BCAA). It's a place where all pilots can find user-friendly software tools that assist them in the safe and efficient execution of their flights.

Droneguide app

With the droneguide mobile application Belgocontrol and the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority guide drone pilots through the Belgian airspace. The app informs drone users in a comprehensible and intuitive way on which legal requirements they have to comply with for piloting a drone in Belgium.

Pilots can use the app to consult location-based information on airspace structure.


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Droneguide map

Professionals as well as private individuals can find information here about the use of drones, as well as a dynamic map of the airspace that indicates where one can or cannot fly (temporarily or permanently).

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Send your feedback to : droneguide@belgocontrol.be

link to website BCAA: https://mobilit.belgium.be/nl/luchtvaart/drones/foreign_dronesoperatorspilots