Through its actions Belgocontrol contributes to sustainable development in aviation. Sustainable development rests on three pillars: quality of life (including environment and health), social welfare and economy. The objective is to weigh up these three elements against each other in order to reach a balance.

Environmental decisions are political choices. As far as aviation is concerned, safety is and remains our company's priority. Belgocontrol checks if departure route schemes respect safety (regulatory separations, non-conflict between departure and arrival routes, Obstacle Clearance Limit), translates decisions into aeronautical terms and publishes them according to the schedule of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Today, the activities of air navigation service providers are increasingly influenced by environment protection. The environment is one of the four performance areas of the Single European Sky, which comes with a binding target that Belgocontrol will have to reach together with its FABEC partners (functional airspace block Europe Central).

Besides these European objectives, Belgocontrol studies and implements the means, procedures and techniques destined to decrease the impact of aviation on the environment without compromising its mission regarding safety.

The actions of Belgocontrol concentrate on 3 axes:


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