Local Air Quality

Local air quality, particularly around airports, is also subject to European and national/regional regulations. Belgocontrol contributes to limiting aircraft emissions on the ground by introducing operational concepts to reduce taxi time, for instance Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) as from 2001, by correctly applying TOBT (Target Off-Block Time, which reduces the number of aircraft at the holding point) and by sequencing departures, etc.

By developing its AMS (Airport Movement System) Belgocontrol contributes to a better local air quality. Thanks to AMS, highly advanced in its CDM applications, Belgocontrol can exchange information in real time with the CFMU of EUROCONTROL and with its active partners at Brussels National Airport. All parties concerned get the right information at the right time and can take the right decision to reduce to a minimum waiting times with engines running as well as the ensuing polluting emissions. When we compare 2000 – before CDM was applied – to 2010, we observe a difference in taxi times of 7,931 hours, which corresponds to a decrease of 33 tons of locally emitted nitrogen oxide (NOx).

On 29 June 2010, Brussels National Airport became the second « CDM airport » in Europe after Munich.

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