ESARRs & Single European Sky

The Eurocontrol SAfety Regulatory Requirements – ESARR – were prepared by the Safety Regulation Commission (SRC) within Eurocontrol.

At present the SRC has published six ESARRs:

  • ESARR 1 : Safety Oversight in ATM
  • ESARR 2 : Reporting and Assessment of Safety Occurrences in ATM
  • ESARR 3 : Safety Management Systems in ATM
  • ESARR 4 : Risk Assessment and Mitigation in ATM
  • ESARR 5 : ATM Services' Personnel
  • ESARR 6 : Software in ATM Systems

The ESARRs apply to all Eurocontrol members and, more widely, to all the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) members. These requirements should be integrated into the national law of each member state.

The European Commission, which is a member of Eurocontrol, converted these ESARRs into Common requirements that were published in 2004. It is on the basis of these requirements that the ANSPs of the UE countries have been certified as air navigation service provider in the European Single Sky. So the Commission transposed the ESARRs in laws in force within the European Union.

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