European Certification

In implementation of regulation n° 550/2004 on service provision, the European Commission has adopted regulation n° 2096/2005 laying down the common requirements which air navigation service providers must comply with.

Like its European counterparts, Belgocontrol had to undergo a certification audit and to demonstrate that it complies with the common requirements that allow it to continue with the provision of air navigation services. These audits have to be carried out by national authorities in each Member Sate. In Belgium, the BSA (Belgian Supervising Authority for Air Navigation Services) was set up by Royal Decree and put under the authority of the Federal Public Service "Mobility".

The BSA conducted the audit at Belgocontrol during the months of March and April 2007. The BSA recorded Belgocontrol's compliance with the common requirements and certified it as an air navigation service provider in June 2007, which is an essential label to continue to fulfil its tasks of public service in the framework of the Single European Sky specifications.

On 1 June 2013 the BSA renewed the certification of Belgocontrol as air navigation service provider in the Single European Sky. A series of audits conducted by the BSA between January and May 2013 confirmed that Belgocontrol services are in accordance with the European requirements for the provision of air navigation services (Regulations EC 550/2004 and EU 1035/2011). This new certification will expire on 31 May 2019.


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