MPLS WAN Project


Currently the RAPNET (Regional Aeronautical Packet switched NETwork) is used for inter-ANSP connections (Air Navigation Service Provider) between ANA Lux, Belgocontrol, LVNL, MUAC and DFS. Via RAPNET these ANSP's are connected to the PENS (Pan-European Network System). The evolution of this inter-ANSP network is based on MPLS (MultiProtocol Label Switching) networking technology.

In order to ensure interoperability with the New PENS and to be prepared for the implementation of future data exchange via System Wide Information Management (SWIM), Belgocontrol needs to implement a compatible networking infrastructure. This new networking infrastructure encompasses the MPLS WAN project.


To create a secure and performing IP-based Ground-Ground communication network. This network will be used by Belgocontrol for the transfer of:
  • operational data: Radar, Voice, Meteo, Aeronautical and Flight Information, …
  • administrative data: LAN (applications) and Telephony, …
  • To share the different Belgocontrol applications on the network with a sufficiently secure separation to guarantee the required data integrity;
  • To implement a MPLS based Wide Area Network (WAN) that will replace the current SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) based network.

Expected Performance Benefits

Safety Positive impact 1. MPLS will bring a more secure network decreasing safety risks related to network
Flexibility Positive impact

2. The capacity of the MPLS network can be flexible adapted (new interfaces can be implemented easily)
3. MPLS will bring a better quality of service for the different applications

Interoperability Positive impact 4. SWIM ready network



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