Stakeholders contribution for the procurement and deployment of NewPENS


The project aims at procuring and deploying, in cooperation with ANSPs, Airports, Airlines, MET Providers and Military, the New Pan-European Network Services (NewPENS) network, an IP services based Ground-Ground network that will replace the current PENS to support all SWIM information Exchanges in order to become the unique international ATM network in the ICAO EUR/ΝΑΤ Region.

Under the auspices of the European Commission, a coordination exercise took place between EUROCONTROL, and the ANSPs of the A6 Alliance to jointly develop the NewPENS Governance structure. A Common Procurement Agreement (CPA) has been developed and in September 2016, 35 stakeholders (including Belgocontrol) have already signed it. The project is coordinated by EUROCONTROL.


Develop the NewPENS Call for Tenders, evaluation of the bids and selection of the NewPENS Service Provider)
  • Set up of the network
  • Connection of Users to NewPENS.
  • Migration of Users' applications to NewPENS

Expected Performance Benefits

Safety Positive impact 1. More secure network decreasing safety risks related to network
Quality Positive impact 2. Better quality of service for the different applications
Interoperability Positive impact 3. SWIM ready network




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