Enhancement of Airport Safety Nets for Brussels Airport


The Airport Safety Nets project will develop, test, validate and implement additional enhanced safety nets and a taxi route conformance monitoring based on the data from the ground surveillance network.


The main objective of the project is to upgrade the existing Airport Safety Nets function, associated with the A-SMGCS system (Advanced - Surface Movement Guidance Control System) at Brussels Airport, to obtain or even exceed the level of performance as envisaged under ATM functionality 2 defined in the EU Pilot Common Project Regulation.

Expected Performance Benefits

Safety Positive impact 1. Increased ATCO situational awareness
2. Reduce probability of incident on manoeuvring area
Capacity Positive impact 3. Increased airport capacity by better usage of available taxiways and by avoiding conflicts
Flight efficiency Positive impact 4. More efficient departure sequencing due to more predictable taxiing phase
5. Reduction of aircraft waiting at runway holding point leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions






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