Published as of 07 JUN 2018

NR/Year  Published on     Series 
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002/200904 JUN 2009-
Carriage and Operation of SSR Mode S Airborne Equipment and ACAS II - Exemption Arrangements
007/201016 DEC 2010-
Slot Notification for General Aviation in FPL
005/201228 JUN 2012-
Validation of Licenses
(information at the request of the Civil Aviation Authority)
013/201218 OCT 2012-
Track-keeping on Departure from and Arrival to Brussels National Airport
(information at the request of the Civil Aviation Authority)
001/201409 JAN 2014-
Airspace Infringement due to Altimeter Settings
004/201403 APR 2014-
Trial Implementation of RLatSM in the ICAO Nat Region
006/201429 MAY 2014-
ICAO 24-bit Aircraft Addresses and Aircraft Identification Reporting
007/201429 MAY 2014-
Holders of a Flight Crew License
(Information at the request of the Civil Aviation Authority)
010/201421 AUG 2014-
Volcanic Ash
003/201604 AUG 2016-
Low Level Temperature Inversion Warning at EBBR
009/201703 AUG 2017-
Implementation of Free Route Airspace (FRA) Operations within Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC)
010/201703 AUG 2017-
AIP Belgium and Luxembourg
Price List eAIP (DVD-ROM)
012/201731 AUG 2017-
Aircraft Noise Limits around Brussels National Airport (EBBR)
016/201728 SEP 2017-
Carriage of SSR Mode S Level 2 ELS Airborne Equipment with Basic Functionality
003/201818 JAN 2018-
Conditions for conducting GAT IFR flights in class G airspace in the Brussels FIR
005/201815 FEB 2018-
Introduction of a RNAV 1 Mandate at Notified Aerodromes in the Belgian Part of the Brussels Flight Information Region
007/201815 MAR 2018-
Implementation of 8.33 KHZ Channel Spacing Below FL195
009/201812 APR 2018-