EBDT — DIEST / Schaffen (MIL)

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EBDT AD 2.1  Aerodrome Location Indicator and Name

EBDT — DIEST / Schaffen (MIL)

EBDT AD 2.2  Military data

1Coordinates505957N 0050356E
2Elevation (FT)100
3RWY06 / 24
4Dimensions (M)600 x 30
6Strength10 000 KG
7OperatorBelgian Land Component
10Operational hours
11RemarksAerodrome given in concession to civil club outside MIL activity (see EBDT AD 2.23)

EBDT AD 2.23  Additional Information

1.1   Contact Details

Diest Aeroclub
Nieuwe Dijkstraat 77
3290 Diest

TEL: +32 (0) 473 51 52 70 (AD)

TEL: +32 (0) 15 23 44 59 (CMDT)

Email: plcdt@dac.be (AD CMDT)

1.2   Operational Hours

Glider winching: SAT, SUN and HOL, SR - SS +30 MIN

1.3   Runway Physical Characteristics

RWY dimensions (M): 600 x 40

1.4   Communication Facilities

Basic Information: 118.925 MHZ - “Schaffen Radio” - INFO only, no ATC (En/Nl)

Radio mandatory

1.5   Local Traffic Regulations
  • Use of the aerodrome is subject to prior permission from the operator;
  • Mixed activity (airplanes and gliders);
  • Parachuting in VMC;
  • Radio controlled model aircraft;
  • Caution when RWY 24 in use:
    • obstacles are located on the SW side of the runway axis, 900 M beyond the runway;
    • beyond the runway, the field has an ascending slope from 3.6% on the SW side to 2.3% on the NW side;
  • Training solo flights for all types of aircraft are allowed after two familiarization flights with instructor;
  • Jet aircraft operations not allowed.
1.6   Flight Procedures

RWY 24: right-hand circuit

Glider winching and towing, operating procedures see website.