EBNM — NAMUR / Suarlée

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EBNM AD 2.1  Aerodrome Location Indicator and Name

EBNM — NAMUR / Suarlée

EBNM AD 2.2  Aerodrome Geographical and Administrative Data

1ARP coordinates502917N 0044608E
Site of ARP at aerodrome
2Direction and distance from (city)4 NM WNW of Namur city
3Elevation / reference temperature

594 FT / INFO not AVBL

4Geoid undulationINFO not AVBL
5Magnetic variation / annual changeINFO not AVBL
6AD administration addressAérodrome de Namur SA
Rue Capitaine Jacquet 44
5020 Suarlée
TEL+32 (0) 81 55 93 55
FAX+32 (0) 81 56 62 16
7Types of traffic permitted (IFR/VFR)



The use of the aerodrome is subject to prior permission from the operator.

Free access to local wifi available for public use.

EBNM AD 2.3  Operational Hours

MON to THU: 0800 - 1900* (0700 - 1800*)

FRI, SAT, SUN and HOL: 0800 - 2100* (0700 - 2000*)

Outside these hours: O/R

(*) without exceeding SS+30 MIN

EBNM AD 2.4  Handling Services and Facilities

1Cargo-handling facilities
2Fuel typesAVGAS 100 LL
Oil typesAvailable on request only
3Fuelling facilities and capacityAVGAS 100 LL: 1 fixed pump / self service
Payment with cash or Bancontact card. Credit cards accepted
4De-icing facilities
5Hangar space for visiting aircraftAvailable on individual basis and on request only
6Repair facilities for visiting aircraftAvailable on site by registered workshop

EBNM AD 2.12  Runway Physical Characteristics

RWY designatorTrue BRGDimensions of RWY (M)Strength (PCN) and surface of RWY and SWYTHR COORDTHR ELEV and highest ELEV of TDZ of precision APCH RWY
THR geoid undulation
1 23456
06L064°630 x 504 000 KG

24R244°630 x 504 000 KG

06R064°695 x 314 000 KG

24L244°695 x 314 000 KG

Note: Slope < 2%

EBNM AD 2.13  Declared Distances

1 23456

EBNM AD 2.15  Other Lighting, Secondary Power Supply

1ABN / IBN location, characteristics and hours of operation
2LDI location and lighting
WDI location and lighting
3Taxiway edge lighting
Taxiway centre line lighting
4Secondary power supply
Switch-over time

EBNM AD 2.18  ATS Communication Facilities

Service designationCall signFrequencyHours of
Basic informationNamur Radio118.000 MHZsee EBNM AD 2.3INFO only, no ATC (En/Fr)

EBNM AD 2.20  Local Aerodrome Regulations

Mixed activity (airplanes and gliders).

Parachuting in VMC.

Avoid overflight of the aerodrome during parachuting.

Jet aircraft operations not allowed.

Aerobatics activity allowed for home based aircraft under specific conditions and on request only.

EBNM AD 2.22  Flight Procedures

Radio mandatory.

Circuit height:

RWY 06L/24R: recommended for gliders (RWY 24R right hand circuit).

RWY 06R/24L: recommended for motorized planes (RWY 24L right hand circuit).

Aircraft used for parachuting activities:

Pilots shall arrange landing and take-off in such a way as to avoid any risk of simultaneous operation on the parallel RWY, except for taxiing.

After take-off from RWY 24L or RWY 24R a right turn 30° is recommended to avoid the Temploux residential area.

CHARLEROI TMA ONE and CHARLEROI TMA TWO A(1) are respectively situated above the aerodrome location and the aerodrome circuit, caution is advised.

Consult EBCI-VAC.01 - Visual Approach Chart (EBCI AD 2.24) and ENR 5.5 for more details on the Namur aerial sporting & recreational activities.

ULM and DPM operations not allowed.