ENR 5.4  Air Navigation Obstacles


The Area 1 obstacle data for Belgium as known to Belgocontrol AIM, may be downloaded in CSV format from the following address:

Following file contains additional area 1 obstacle data for Belgium received by third parties, but not verified by an obstacle survey:

For further details on these data, see GEN 3.1, § 6.


No Area 1 electronic obstacle sets are currently available in Luxembourg. The list below contains all obstacles with a height exceeding 100 M that are known to ANA AIS.

DesignationMunicipalityObstacle typeObstacle positionELEV / HGT (FT)MarkedRemarks
EL0001BeidweilerRadio mast494343N 0061904E1844 / 952 Yes
EL0002BeidweilerRadio mast494349N 0061915E1838  / 952Yes
EL0003BeidweilerRadio mast494356N 0061926E1825 / 952Yes
EL0005DudelangeRadio tower492748N 0060545E2353 / 985Yes
EL0006Parc HosingenRadio mast500115N 0060617E2694 / 985Yes
EL0007JunglinsterRadio tower494300N 0061529E1857 / 716Yes
EL0008JunglinsterRadio tower494307N 0061540E1894 / 716Yes
EL0009JunglinsterRadio tower494313N 0061551E1913 / 716Yes
EL0010WincrangeWind turbine500428N 0055946E2014 / 338Yes
EL0011WincrangeWind turbine500344N 0055824E2014 / 338Yes
EL0012WincrangeWind turbine500411N 0055628E1996 / 339Yes
EL0013WincrangeWind turbine500412N 0055711E1999 / 339Yes
EL0017WeiswampachWind turbine500659N 0060056E2199 / 598Yes
EL0018WeiswampachWind turbine500626N 0060139E2233 / 598Yes
EL0019WeiswampachWind turbine500626N 0060200E2208 / 598Yes
EL0020WeiswampachWind turbine500621N 0060115E2189 / 598Yes
EL0021WeiswampachWind turbine500609N 0060059E2175 / 598Yes
EL0034ClervauxWind turbine500712N 0060536E2118 / 447Yes
EL0035ClervauxWind turbine500659N 0060555E2145 / 447Yes
EL0036ClervauxWind turbine500632N 0060449E2130 / 447Yes
EL0037WeiswampachWind turbine500731N 0060508E2243 / 598Yes
EL0038BourscheidWind turbine495346N 0060721E1926 / 614Yes
EL0039BourscheidWind turbine495432N 0060551E2143 / 614Yes
EL0040BourscheidWind turbine495542N 0060500E2040 / 516Yes
EL0041Esch-sur-SûreWind turbine495402N 0060045E2093 / 458Yes
EL0042Esch-sur-SûreWind turbine495330N 0060011E2105 / 458Yes
EL0043Esch-sur-SûreWind turbine495333N 0060033E2126 / 458Yes
EL0044BourscheidWind turbine495337N 0060104E2136 / 458Yes
EL0045BourscheidWind turbine495336N 0060129E2127 / 458Yes
EL0046BourscheidWind turbine495325N 0060109E2105 / 458Yes
EL0047BourscheidWind turbine495309N 0060112E2067 / 458Yes
EL0051MompachWind turbine494554N 0062932E1654 / 498Yes
EL0052MompachWind turbine494550N 0062950E1644 / 498Yes
EL0053MompachWind turbine494528N 0062924E1646 / 498Yes
EL0054MompachWind turbine494507N 0062923E1615 / 498Yes
EL0059WiltzWind turbine495652N 0055458E2273 / 642Yes
EL0060WiltzWind turbine495651N 0055619E2177 / 642Yes
EL0061GoesdorfWind turbine495643N 0055952E2079 / 642Yes
EL0062GoesdorfWind turbine495550N 0055717E2230 / 642Yes
EL0063PutscheidWind turbine495626N 0060704E2199 / 614Yes
EL0064Parc HosingenWind turbine495749N 0060441E2240 / 642Yes
EL0065PutscheidWind turbine495818N 0060638E2274 / 614Yes
EL0066Parc HosingenWind turbine495946N 0060413E2279 / 642Yes
EL0067Parc HosingenWind turbine500058N 0060413E2282 / 642Yes
EL0068Parc HosingenWind turbine500155N 0060522E2332 / 642Yes
EL0069ClervauxWind turbine500237N 0060243E2263 / 642Yes
EL0070ClervauxWind turbine500308N 0060610E2207 / 665Yes
EL0071WeiswampachWind turbine500603N 0060232E2245 / 598Yes
EL0072ClervauxWind turbine500452N 0060452E2350 / 614Yes
EL0073ClervauxWind turbine500606N 0060428E2330 / 614Yes
EL0074LuxembourgBuilding493718N 0060836E1401 / 348Yes
EL0075LuxembourgBuilding493719N 0060838E1411 / 348Yes
EL0076WincrangeWind turbine500638N 0055738E2304 / 663Yes
EL0077WincrangeWind turbine500650N 0055730E2320 / 663Yes
EL0078WincrangeWind turbine500703N 0055710E2343 / 663Yes
EL0079WincrangeWind turbine500715N 0055701E2353 / 663Yes
EL0080WincrangeWind turbine500717N 0055636E2343 / 663Yes
EL0081WincrangeWind turbine500724N 0055620E2330 / 663Yes
EL0082WincrangeWind turbine500728N 0055602E2307 / 663Yes
EL0083FeulenWind turbine495242N 0060125E2218 / 653Yes