Infrastructure & instructors

State-of-the-art simulators

Equipped with the latest technologies, the ‘tower' and ‘radar' simulators stand for the quality of the training provided by Belgocontrol.

  • The tower simulator: this simulator offers a hyperrealist 3-D environment, a 360°panoramic view and consists of 4 working positions. It is ranked as one of the best tower simulators in Europe thanks to its functionalities. It can re-create any existing airport environment, generate realistic scenarios and reproduce various weather conditions. By means of computer-generated images, the system can also simulate day and night, change visual angles and integrate emergency situations or incidents.
  • The radar simulator: counts 32 working positions and can simulate a wide range of situations, varying from basic radar training to emergency cases and refresher courses.

Classrooms and multimedia library

The Training Centre has 5 fully equipped classrooms and 4 Computer Based Training (CBT) classrooms.

All the meeting rooms, among which an auditorium, are fitted out with projectors and the necessary tools for the smooth running of meetings.

All the trainees at the Centre have free access to a multimedia library with an Internet corner and many general publications on air traffic control and aviation.

Professional instructors at your service

Due to the specific nature of our airspace, which is one of the world's busiest and most complex, Belgocontrol has acquired an outstanding expertise and experience in air traffic management and control. Well-trained personnel who is able to take rational decisions, plays a key role in this process. That is why the trainings provided by Belgocontrol produce highly skilled professionals. This quality can only be achieved through high standards for both equipment and instructors.

The Training Centre has a permanent staff of 21 professionals. Instructors all have a lot of operational experience. Theoretical courses and practical exercises are prepared in-house and based on international standards approved by ICAO or developed by Eurocontrol.

Belgocontrol actively participates in the harmonisation of ATC training at the European level and follows the Eurocontrol's guidelines (Common Core Content and Training Objectives for ATCO) which were first translated in ESARR 5 and then in the Common Requirements, framework of the European Single Sky.

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