LARA Integration in CANAC 2


As a basis for Advanced Flexible Use of Airspace (AFUA), LARA information (Local And sub-Regional Airspace Management
Support System) will be integrated into the CWP (Controller Working Position) of the national air traffic control
center CANAC 2. This LARA tool is a technical enabler for implementing an efficient AMC (Airspace Mangement Cell),
covering the Brussels FIR.

In order to achieve this, the ADIDS-c system (Aeronautical Data Information Display System) will be used to interface the
LARA system with the EUROCAT system (Thales ATM system CANAC 2). It will consist in adding new interfaces into the
ADIDS-c system:

  • to the Belgian LARA database hosted by MUAC (Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre) and
  • to the EUROCAT.


Providing ATCO's (Air Traffic Controller) with military information about area reservations in order to optimise the use
of airspace.
  • Automate the display of airspace reservation in EUROCAT.
  • Provide information about status of airspace reservations in ADIDS-c.

Expected Performance Benefits

Safety Positive impact 1. Reduce risk for human error
Capacity Positive impact 2. Increased en-route capacity as a result of enhanced ASM procedures
Flight efficiency Positive impact 3. Improved average horizontal en-route flight efficiency of the actual trajectory
4. More effective booking procedures for FUA





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