Meteo Training

General meteorology for airspace users

Are you a pilot, a balloonist, a glider pilot … and it is a long time since you had a meteorology course?

Are you a trainee pilot and do you want to prepare yourself properly ?

Do you want more information on the different meteorological phenomena that have an impact on air navigation?

Air navigation is always subject to the vagaries of the weather. A good knowledge and understanding of the different meteorological processes is essential to navigate safely in the airspace.

With the general meteorology course, Belgocontrol can help you to acquire or perfect your knowledge in the following topics:

  • Wind and air pressure
  • Identification of clouds
  • Fronts and air masses
  • Meteorological messages
  • Practical session: flight preparation and meteorological data analysis

This course is organised in a flexible timetable: you can attend it in the evening, during the day or at weekends. The complete training package takes about 15 hours and is presented in French or Dutch.

Contact our Training Officer Meteorology for more information and the next starting dates of this training.

Tailor-made meteo training

Meteorology has an important impact on air navigation and so on air traffic control. That is why there is a meteorological department at Belgocontrol with more than 60 persons who work together with the air traffic controllers and the technicians, to secure our airspace. Thanks to a long experience in the forecast, observation, modelling of the meteorological phenomena, Belgocontrol has acquired an expertise that the company wants to share and valorize.

Belgocontrol has developed a tailored training programme destined to institutes, organisations or companies that want to go deeper into some specific meteorological topics. According to your needs, we draw up a programme that will meet your expectations.

Contact our Training Officer Meteorology

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