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Second bloggers’ visit to Belgocontrol 16/12/2016
Another group of bloggers, this time originating from the French speaking part of the country, came to visit Belgocontrol during the International Civil Aviation Day on 7 December.
(French) Communiqué conjoint du cabinet de la Mobilité, de la DGTA et de Belgocontrol: Le Ministre Bellot, la Direction générale du Transport aérien et Belgocontrol ont affiné la méthodologie relative à l’audit demandé 14/12/2016
Le Ministre de la Mobilité François Bellot a reçu ce jour les responsables de la Direction générale du transport aérien (DGTA) et de Belgocontrol. La réunion portait sur l’audit concernant l’utilisation des pistes à l’aéroport de Bruxelles-National entre le 2 et le 10 octobre 2016
Bloggers @ Belgocontrol 30/09/2016
This Sunday 2 October, on Open Companies Day, Belgocontrol will open its doors to the public. For that occasion we invited a group of the most influential bloggers in Belgium
Belgocontrol participates in Open Companies Day - UPDATED 19/09/2016
For the 2nd time in a row, Belgocontrol will open its doors to the public. Coming Sunday 2 October you are welcome for a fascinating visit to our company. There are no more places available. Registrations are closed.
Notice to strike 10/02/2016
On 2 February 2016, trade union organizations at Belgocontrol filed a notice to strike. Hence, industrial actions are possible as from Monday 15 February.
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