As an autonomous public company, Belgocontrol is governed by the law of 21 March 1991 on the reform of certain economic public companies stipulating that autonomous public companies are managed by a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee.


The Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for daily management and representation of this management, as well as for the enforcement of the decisions of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee represents the company in negotiations concerning the management contract. The members of the Executive Committee constitute a board presided by the Chief Executive Officer. It makes recommendations to the Board of Directors with regard to the development, the activities and the management of the company.

The Executive Committee of Belgocontrol is composed as follows:

Johan Decuyper
Chief Executive Officer

Peggy Devestel
Chief Operations Officer

Christian Berlanger
Director-General International & Public Affairs

Hilde Van Den Houten
Director-General Finance and Support

Alain Vandenabeele
Director-General Digital Transformation & New Way of Working

Youcha Mackelbert
Director-General Program & Project Delivery


Five Directorates general

Five Directorates general carry out the missions of Belgocontrol and attain the objectives defined by the company strategy:

  • The Directorate-general Finance and Support managed by Hilde Van den Houten.
  • The Directorate-general Operations & Systems managed by Peggy Devestel (organigram).
  • The Directorate-general Digital Transformation & New Way of Working managed by Alain Vandenabeele.
  • The Directorate-general International & External Relations managed by Christian Berlanger.
  • The Directorate-general Program & Project Delivery managed by Youcha Mackelbert.


The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is empowered to take any action necessary for or useful in attaining the corporate goal of the public company and supervises the management tasks carried out by the Executive Committee. In this respect the Board of Directors has created three committees: an Audit Committee, a Strategy Committee and a Remuneration Committee. The Board of Directors may delegate some of its powers to the Executive Committee.

The Board of Directors of Belgocontrol consists of:

Renaud Lorand (Chairman)

Julie Ludmer

Hugo Van Bever

Claude Melen

Fons Borginon

Johan Decuyper (CEO)

Laurent de Briey

Luc Laveyne

Gérald Duffy

Liesbeth Van Der Auwera


Other control and management bodies

As an autonomous public company, Belgocontrol is subjected to external management supervision carried out by:

  • The Board of Auditors that controls the financial position and the regularity of the accounts.
  • The Government Commissioner - designated by Royal Decree on the recommendation of the Minister/Secretary of State for Mobility - who ensures the company complies with the law and the management contract. The management contract defines the rules and conditions under which Belgocontrol fulfils its mission of public service.

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