Safety Policy

Safety strategy

Belgocontrol gives the highest priority to safety in its provision of Air Navigation Services.

Safety prevails over any pressure from commercial, operational, environmental or social interests.

Belgocontrol strives to be amongst the best Safety Performers in Europe.

Belgocontrol continuously improves its Safety Performance through self-assessment in a systematic and non-emotional way.

Belgocontrol promotes an open communication culture on Safety Performance. It discusses openly all elements related to Safety, in its contacts with the competent authorities.


Safety Responsibility

Everyone within Belgocontrol is responsible for Safety. Everyone considers the consequences of his/her own actions towards Safety.

Belgocontrol's management is responsible for the Safety Performance of its Directorate General and departments.


Safety Management System (SMS)

The Belgocontrol Safety Management System (SMS) provides a framework of processes for safety improvements by implementing pro-active and reactive measures.

The SMS is founded on safety processes, risk assessment and permanent safety monitoring.

The SMS maintains safety standards complying with international regulations by a rigorous review of the safety implications of every activities and changes within ATM operations.

The SMS also allows remedial action to be taken when required and provides assurance that Safety levels are being maintained or improved.


Compliance with national and international regulations

Belgocontrol strictly subscribes to the requirements of national and international safety regulations, especially the ESARRs – Eurocontrol SAfety Regulatory Requirements.

In the light of the future European Single Sky, Belgocontrol takes part in EATMP – European Air Traffic Management Programmes – in order to ensure a harmonised approach to European safety standards, directives and programmes.

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