Safety Principles

Belgocontrol's Safety Policy Statements are translated into a number of Safety Management Principles in order to have a pro-active, systematic and formalised approach to Safety.

These three great principles are:

  • Achievement
  • Assurance
  • Promotion

ACHIEVEMENT of the highest Safety Standards

Belgocontrol ensures that its staff is adequately trained, motivated and qualified for the job they are required to do, in addition to be properly licensed.

Belgocontrol ensures that any Safety occurrence with significant implications, resulting from either operational or technical procedures or systems, is reported and investigated immediately. Any necessary correction will be made as soon as possible.

Belgocontrol determines quantitative Safety levels for all critical processes and systems, as far as reasonably practicable.

Belgocontrol assesses all new processes, including organisational changes, procedures and systems against their Safety criticality. Risk analyses are conducted and documented to ensure that due consideration is given to all engineering and operational aspects. This assessment is carried out according the SAM (Safety Assessment Methodology) developed by Eurocontrol.

Belgocontrol assesses the Safety levels acceptability of the products and services supplied by external organisations. The company ensures that such organisations, their products and services meet at least the same target levels of Safety as the ones Belgocontrol has set for itself.

Continuous Safety ASSURANCE

Belgocontrol carries out Safety Surveys on a regular basis to recommend improvements where needed, to provide assurance to managers of the Safety levels within their areas and to check conformity with applicable parts of its Safety Management System.

Belgocontrol ensures that methods exist to identify and follow up the performance of its systems or operations. Such methods allow taking corrective action if performance seems to be below the acceptable Safety standards.

Belgocontrol ascertains the results and conclusions of the Risk assessment process of any new safety critical system or that is significantly different from a previous version. This documentation will be preserved throughout the system lifetime.


Belgocontrol communicates widely within all its units the lessons learned from Safety occurrences. Information is disseminated through official channels so that each unit gets it as well as the regulatory authorities if appropriate.

Belgocontrol actively encourages all staff to propose solutions to the identified hazards. Changes are made to improve Safety where they seem to be needed.

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