ATIS stands for Automatic Terminal Information Service of an airport. The continuous message service provides safety-critical information for pilots preparing their landing on, or departure from that airport. An ATIS message consists of a standardized number of data about the local status and (meteorological) conditions on and around an airport. Three data sources are involved:

  • The Meteo service provides real-time meteorological data on a 30 minutes refresh base, or faster if local significant weather changes occur. These data do not include gusts;
  • The airport operator provides operational data about status and availability of runways and taxiways;
  • The Tower ATC Supervisor provides his/her decided operational data concerning current approach, landing and take-off configuration in use at the airport. Each update from an input source results in a new ATIS message release and an increment of the integrated ATIS-designator.

VOLMET is also called "en-route ATIS" and provides pilots in cruise flight with information of the meteorological conditions at the surrounding main airports of their destination. The purpose is to allow the pilot to decide in time on deviating the aircraft to an adjacent airport in case of bad weather conditions at the destinating airport. The message service is continuously refreshed every 30 minutes and carries a common or individual time stamp.

Communication channels

  • For operational (and non-commercial) use, distribution is done via radio broadcasting: regionally via continuous VHF voice transmission and globally complemented by text displaying in the cockpit via data on request (D-ATIS over ACARS and VDLmode2).
  • For non-operational (and non-commercial use), ATIS is available via the following channels: (password restricted and for aeronautical users only)

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