General Forecast - General Warning

General Forecast

The General Forecast is a bulletin with a general weather prediction that is drawn up twice a day. The bulletin describes the synoptic situation and gives a forecast for wind, weather, visibility, clouds, the height of the 0┬░ level, minimum QNH, soaring capabilities and in conclusion the minimum and maximum temperature. This forecast also comprises a section "Warnings" that, if the circumstances require it, draw special attention to well-defined phenomena that can be hazardous to flight activities at lower levels. The section "Outlook" is valid for a minimum period of +12 hours.

Issue time Validity Period Outlook
05.30 Z 06-18 Z + 12 h minimum
17.30 Z 18-06 Z + 12 h minimum

General Warning

The General Warning is drawn up and distributed when one or more of the following phenomena occur and when these are not included in the "Warnings" part of the General Forecast in force at that moment.

  • Ice deposit with intensity details (MOD or SEV), position and level
  • Turbulence with intensity details (MOD of SEV), position and level
  • Strong wind, i.e. minimum 30 knots at average and/or 40 knots squalls
  • Heavy showers or thunderstorms
  • Snowfall or melting of snow within 24 hours
  • Night frost or continuous frost
  • Temporary or definitive thaw
  • Black ice
  • Mist or very low stratus
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