Low Level Significant Weather Chart

A Low Level Significant Weather Chart is a forecast of significant weather phenomena below flight level 100. In Belgium this chart consists of 2 parts, a graphical and a table part.

The graphical part contains expected frontal systems, pressure centres, convergence lines, low-level jets, strong surface winds, squall lines and areas with different weather characteristics.

The table part indicates for these different areas the expected visibility, weather, clouds, icing, turbulence and freezing level. The Low Level Significant Weather Chart is issued according to the following time table:

Issued time Validity period
02.00 Z 06.00 Z (04.30-07.30 Z)
05.00 Z 09.00 Z (07.30-10.30 Z)
08.00 Z 12.00 Z (10.30-13.30 Z)
11.00 Z 15.00 Z (13.30-16.30 Z)
14.00 Z 18.00 Z (16.30-19.30 Z)


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