The air traffic control centre - facts and figures

The operational room comprises 4 petals: ACC West, ACC East, APP and Training. Each petal counts 14 working positions and a Team leader position. In the middle of the room we have Centre Supervisor and Traffic manager working positions who plan and coordinate the work in the operational room.

The operational room of the new centre is 29 metres wide and 35 metres long, which makes a surface of little more than 1000 m². The height of the ceiling is 6m70.

The light shaft with a side of 5.9 metres gives natural light to the room.

Each working position is composed of a console with a triptych of screens, as well as a device for digital communication. Each console gives access to all air traffic control tools by means of one single keyboard and one mouse. The functioning is equal to that of a standard PC.

Each console is equipped with its own computer with a Linux operating system and independent aid systems. These computers and systems are connected to servers in the data processing rooms in order to form a network. This network counts more than 60km of cables and 2km of optical fibre cables.

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