The Control Tower

The control tower at Brussels Airport is located at 500 m from the national air traffic control centre CANAC and is part of the Belgocontrol site in Steenokkerzeel. The control tower is operational since December 2004 and is equipped with the most recent technology based on the most advanced operational concepts of 'tower' air traffic control. It symbolises Belgocontrol's will to hold a leading position in the sector of air traffic control.

Maximum safety

The control tower was designed in accordance with our main objective: to maximise safety at and around the airport as well as during approach. The control tower provided the opportunity to integrate the most recent technology for air traffic control, to optimise the visual observation of air traffic and to completely rethink the ergonomics of the workstations. Moreover, all services involved in air traffic control were brought together in the same building: air traffic control and ATS management, AMS (Airport Movement System) software developments, as well as aeronautical and meteorological information services.

Setting a standard for Europe

The control tower at Brussels Airport, which set a standard for the rest of Europe and the world to follow, will enable Belgocontrol to keep pace with the development of Brussels Airport and with the air traffic growth, thereby ensuring the highest safety level – the top priority of Belgocontrol and an optimal air traffic management at the airport.

The expertise acquired during the whole project and its implementation established Belgocontrol as an international leader in managing similar large-scale projects that perfectly combine building aspects, equipment integration and operational concepts of 'tower' air traffic control.

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Annual report 2017