An extraordinary building

The building consists of the actual tower and a trapezoid building at its foot with a surface area of 3,500 m2 on three levels. Special attention has been paid to the architecture and to the quality of the materials so that the tower is a perfect reflection of the excellence of Belgian air traffic control and will become a favoured meeting point for the aeronautical world.

The purpose of the control tower floors was defined according to the optimal use of the different heights:

  • Operational visual control room: has a diameter of 18 m,a visual range of 360┬░ and 12 working stations for air traffic controllers.
  • A training visual control room with similar features and located just below the operational, is being used for the training of air traffic controllers and for preparing and testing technological developments. It can also be used for operational purposes, if needed.
  • Meteorological observation post: observations are made from a height of 35 m; this ensures a very efficient cover.
  • The tower shaft with 9 sides has a diameter of 11 m and houses two independent lifts and two staircases.

Video: The Control Centre and Towers - Permanent development  
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Annual report 2017