Training Centre

The Belgocontrol Training Centre in Steenokkerzeel trains future air traffic controllers and provides also training for other functions at Belgocontrol.

Thanks to its advanced equipment and the professional skills of its instructors, the Training Centre ranks among the best training schools in Europe.

Belgocontrol members take actively part in the Training Subgroup of EATMP (European Air Traffic Management Planning), which harmonises the training of air traffic controllers in Europe. With the coming into effect of this harmonisation, licences will be issued for all Europe.

Through its expertise and infrastructure, Belgocontrol intends to play a key role in the training of air traffic controllers from other European and foreign countries.

The Training Centre is situated on the main operational site of Belgocontrol in Steenokkerzeel, in the heart of the aeronautical activity where all services are centralised. It offers catering and accommodation facilities. The control tower of Brussels Airport, the National Air Traffic Control Centre (CANAC) and the Administrative centre are also established on this new aeronautical site. No other location offers such a perfect integration of training in the aeronautical and ATC world.

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