Cranes and other temporarily obstacles

Temporary installations that do not require authorisation (such as cranes, scaffolding, transmission equipment,…) but that are erected in the immediate vicinity of the airport premises or of Belgocontrol equipment, have to be assessed by the Urbanism service.

It is verified whether there is an impact on the PANS-OPS surfaces (Obstacle free zones around controlled airports) and whether the obstacles may hamper the proper functioning of the systems for communication, navigation and surveillance.

The criteria used by Belgocontrol are based on existing ICAO regulations, on studies carried out for Belgocontrol, on international studies that Belgocontrol participated in (among other things commissioned by Eurocontrol), on international guidelines, on information exchanged in various fora in which Belgocontrol actively participates (ICAO, Eurocontrol, etc.), on experience of other ANSPs and on Belgocontrol's own experience.

Download the form for your opinion request. Please fill out all the required information fields so that your request can be processed correctly.

Opinions for the erection of cranes and other temporary obstacles have to be requested at least 2 months before they will be installed.

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