Wind turbines

Every request for opinions on wind turbines is analysed with regard to their potential impact on the technical installations that Belgocontrol manages. It is also examined whether the wind turbines at the requested location does not hamper operations, more specifically the visual reporting points and the holding locations and flight procedures for the airports that Belgocontrol controls.

The criteria used by Belgocontrol are based on existing ICAO regulations, studies carried out for Belgocontrol, on international studies that Belgocontrol participated in (among other things commissioned by Eurocontrol), on international guidelines, on information exchanged in various fora in which Belgocontrol actively participates (ICAO, Eurocontrol, etc.), on experience of other ANSPs and on Belgocontrol's own experience. 

Those criteria have been translated in a simplified manner to the Wind Turbine Consultation Map. On that map all criteria are visually represented by means of zones.

Those zones are:

  • red zones: no-go zones within which no wind turbines are allowed because the impact on systems and operations would be too big;
  • orange zones: zones within which detailed research is always necessary. Those studies can be carried out in-company and/or externally;
  • light blue clear zones: zones within which under certain conditions (e.g. height, clusters, geographical characteristics,‚Ķ) wind turbines can be erected without any detailed research. Please note that building developers always have to submit a request for opinion (preliminary opinions with Belgocontrol, formal opinions through the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) or the competent authority) even if the wind turbine is in that zone.

This map was drawn up for wind turbines with a maximum tip height of 200 m. For larger turbines and wind farms as from 20 turbines (including turbines that have already been built and/or licensed) or as from 10 turbines depending on their geographical location, an ad hoc assessment will always be necessary and this map will not provide a basis.

For formal opinions Belgocontrol needs a 20 to 30 day response time, depending on the type of request and the applicant body.

Belgocontrol aims to process preliminary opinions within a 2-month deadline.

Publication construction

At least 2 months before the start of the wind turbine works, the prime contractor has to contact Belgocontrol so as to allow any new obstacles to be published in the AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication).

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