Wind Turbine Consultation Map



This is the latest version of the Wind Turbine Consultation Map. The legend displays the criteria Belgocontrol uses.

A verification of the location of the wind turbines against this map and the criteria never replaces the preliminary or formal opinion of Belgocontrol. A request always has to be submitted by following the established procedure (, through the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA), the competent authority or through the Omgevingsloket).

The Wind Turbine Consultation Map is drawn up for wind turbines with a maximum tip height of 200 m. For larger turbines, as well as for wind farms as from 20 turbines (including turbines that have already been built and/or licensed) or as from 10 turbines depending on their geographical location, an ad hoc assessment will always be necessary and this map will not provide a basis.

In evaluating the possible impact of the wind turbine, its blades are always taken into account. If the blades enter a certain zone (orange, red, hatched,…), the complete wind turbine will then be analysed based on the entered zone. Wind turbines that already have been licensed or built, as well as requests for which a favourable preliminary opinion was delivered, are taken into consideration in the evaluation, because of the possible cumulative effect of a cluster of wind turbines.

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