Numerous Belgocontrol installations, scattered over the Belgian territory, are used as tools by air traffic controllers and air traffic. These are radio navigation, radar and communication systems. Belgocontrol is responsible for the correct functioning of this equipment.Physical obstacles or equipment using electromagnetic waves may hamper smooth operation. Furthermore, Belgocontrol must also observe worldwide guidelines on obstacle free zones in the arrival and departure zones and safety areas around the airports (PANS-OPS surfaces). Belgocontrol also verifies whether the obstacle at the requested location does not impact operations.

Belgocontrol ensures safety in the controlled airspace. The Urbanism service of our Directorate-General International & Public Affairs processes all requests for opinions on buildings, wind turbines, permanent or temporary constructions or installations on a location that might present a risk for aviation. Requests can be submitted by individuals, companies, public services; directly or through the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) or the Omgevingsloket voor Vlaanderen.

The requests are reviewed against the Urbanism Policy which specifies the criteria for permanent and temporary obstacles. By means of this Urbanism Policy Belgocontrol assesses every request objectively.

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