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CANAC 2   (46.68 Mb)
Discover CANAC 2, the air traffic control centre inaugurated in February 2010.

Training Centre   (11.71 Mb)
Enter the Belgocontrol Training Centre, one of nowadays’ most advanced Training Centres in Europe.

Video: Air traffic control - Main task
The mission of air traffic controllers and the required minimum safety distances between aircraft.

Video: Air traffic controllers - Training
The profession of air traffic controller and the ATC training offered by Belgocontrol.

Video: Our Mission
Get to know Belgocontrol and discover our company in a few minutes.

Video: Radar - Surveillance
Where does the image the air traffic controller sees on his screen come from ?

Video: Technology - Communication, navigation and surveillance
The technology and systems enabling communication, navigation and surveillance essential to air traffic management and to the safe outcome of any flight.

Video: The Control Centre and Towers - Permanent development
The big projects to prepare the future of Belgocontrol.

Video: The airspace - Organisation
Design of the airspace for which Belgium is responsible, one of the most complex ones in Europe.

Video: The future - A three-pronged growth strategy
Our twofold strategy : going international and diversification of activities.

Video: The weather - Observations and forecasts
The Belgocontrol meteorological service continually provides important information to air traffic controllers and to all airspace users.