Meteo Products

The main task of the Belgocontrol Meteorological Department is to provide meteorological information for the benefit of air navigation safety.

Via the on-line service AIM-Meteo briefing, you will find the following products we offer :

  • OPMET data: Operational meteorological information in coded form - METAR, TAF, GAMET, SIGMET
  • Forecast Bulletins: Bulletins with weather forecasts and warnings for the FIR in plain language
  • Flight Briefing Charts: Significant weather charts for Belgium and the immediate surroundings as well as for the rest of the world. Wind and temperature charts for different flight levels and synoptic weather charts of Europe.
  • Remote Sensing: Actual information based on weather radar and satellite images
  • Model Output: Charts and meteograms based on the output of numerical weather models

Eager to continually optimize our provision of services, we invite you to inform us of your findings or suggestions.

AIM Briefing

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