Meteo customer services

One of the main tasks of the meteorological service of Belgocontrol is to offer operational meteorological information for air navigation.

In addition to this, the meteorological service uses its expertise to offer a wide range of special services.

Communication channels

You can at all times easily and quickly retrieve the latest meteorological information through various channels.

AIM-Meteo briefing on the web
username - password (after free registration)
Telephonic briefing and consultation
0902 88 173 - direct contact with a qualified meteorologist (‚ā¨ 1/p.m.)
Meteodesks at the regional airports
EBAW, EBCI, EBLG, EBOS (briefing by a qualified meteorologist on the spot)


We have also other contact points via e-mail

AIM Briefing

Annual report 2017  
Video: The weather - Observations and forecasts  
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