Cultural Change & Internal Communication Manager

The function
As Cultural Change & Internal Communication Manager you will be responsible for steering and guiding structural changes within Belgocontrol. You will work in accordance with the philosophy of change that is people-oriented and you will create a working environment where co-workers give their best. With the means of change enablement actions, you will contribute to implementing the corporate strategy Horizon 2020. 
In practical terms, this means that you will elaborate, implement and follow up change management. Hence you will prepare the whole company for the desired future status of Belgocontrol. To this end, you will develop a number of achievable and targeted change management plans and ensure that the compelling story brings the business strategy to life. You will anticipate possible resistance by working out specific plans that allow you to further examine any concerns. You will perform a continuous critical study of the change process during its whole cycle. 
You will build up a new culture in which our co-workers feel at ease and like to work, but without acting  abruptly nor rashly. Within an enjoyable and positive working environment, you will ensure that as many employees as possible are receptive to change. You will set up a support framework for changes relating to the corporate structure, roles and responsibilities, technical processes, systems and technologies. Besides you will ensure that everyone understands and observes the corporate and HR strategy. 
To this end, you will coach all the line managers and draw their attention to the importance of their role as change sponsor who supports efficiently changes on all levels. You will identify and analyse the management's training needs, for example in the field of leadership and (people) management skills. You develop training programs to prepare employees for a management or expert function. Within this framework, it is important to cooperate closely with colleagues during the integration of specific action plans and change management activities. Furthermore you will organise and plan the allocation of responsibilities, and you will ensure the follow-up through the various branches.
You will report to the Human Resources Director. 
You will cooperate closely with the other members of the Executive Committee, the Strategy & Performance Manager, the Communication service and the various HR Managers.
Your profile
  • You hold a licentiate/master's degree. 
  • You have a relevant experience in the field of communication, human resources and/or management and leadership development. 
  • Knowledge of/experience with change management is an important asset.
  • You have a good command of Dutch, French and English.
  • You are customer-oriented, flexible, persistent, involved in the organisation and hold integrity in high regard.
  • As a result-oriented coach, with relevant coaching experience, you have a sense of initiative, you have a creative and innovative spirit, and persuasion skills.
  • You also have experience with providing assistance to and coaching teams and co-workers. 

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In light of the vacancy to which you responded we would like to draw your special attention to the fact that prior to being employed by Belgocontrol candidates have to undergo a security screening which will be carried out by the National Security Authority. More info

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