Building permission - Practical info

A preliminary recommendation can be obtained directly from the Urbanism Service on payment of the working hours performed or a lump sum (the latter case only applies to demands concerning wind turbines). In this way, unforeseen problems and delays can be avoided. Unless new issues arise at the time of the official request this preliminary recommendation will be adopted literally should official planning permission be applied for in a later phase. The Urbanism Service will process the official requests and preliminary recommendations as soon as possible and provide a written reply if deemed necessary after consultation of the services concerned. As there sometimes are a large number of factors to be taken into consideration and various departments need to be contacted, it is recommended you submit your request timely.

The request should be introduced by using the automated Excel file (which does not contain any macros). Download the file and fill out all the required data fields. Many cells contain drop-down lists and the data to be introduced vary according to the request. When the location coordinates are entered, these will be reproduced on the survey map ‘FIR EBBR' (lower down on the spreadsheet) as a check.

Advies aanvraag - Demande d'avis (MS Excel)


Please send this file by e-mail to (in Excel format). Include in the e-mail the required annexes as mentioned in the Excel file, paper copies of documents should be scanned. If you have annexes that cannot be scanned, please send them by post or courier to the Urbanism Service and clearly state that the Excel file was transferred by e-mail.

Requests must be sent to :


Urbanism service
Tervuursesteenweg 303
B-1820 Steenokkerzeel

Tel: +32 2 206 24 42
Fax: +32 2 206 22 39



Please note that you should have the following information ready before you start:


  • A ground plan (preferably on a scale of 1/10,000) mentioning the coordinates in the Lambert system or in WGS-84
  • The height of the terrain with regard to Mean Sea Level
  • The construction dimensions
  • An image of the construction clearly revealing its structure
  • A description of the materials used
  • The period during which the works are planned to take place
  • The frequencies used for the transmitting equipment


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