Initial WXXM Implementation on Belgocontrol systems


The IWXXM project forms the initial step in the implementation of the new MET data model towards a SWIM compliant Meteorological Information Exchange within Belgocontrol. This initial ICAO required step, the implementation of IWXXM, is the first step in the transition from MET products exchange in Traditional Alphanumeric Code format to the exchange of MET information in WXXM format.

The project scope concerns:

  1. EBBR, EBAW, EBCI, EBLG & EBOS airports (METAR & TAF issuance)
  2. Brussels Flight Information Region - EBBU (SIGMET issuance)
  3. Global (Brussels RODB supports aeronautical users globally)
  4. Belgian COM centre (AMHS)


Enabling the issuance of Belgian OPMET data (METAR, TAF & SIGMET) in IWXXM format to ensure conformity withAmendment 77 to ICAO Annex 3.
  • Enabling the Brussels Regional OPMET DataBank (RODB) to:
    • Receive and store ICAO OPMET data in IWXXM (ICAO Meteorological Information Exchange) format;
    • Handle requests from users and to exchange ICAO OPMET data in IWXXM format.
  • Enabling the Belgocontrol ATS Messages Handling system (AMHS) to support exchange of messages in XML (Extensible Markup Language) data formats (IWXXM, ‚Ķ).

Expected Performance Benefits

Safety & Quality Positive impact 1. The adherence to IWXXM format requires a more strict compliance to ICAO coding regulations and therefore will result in less erroneous OPMET information
Interoperability Positive impact 2. Availability of OPMET data in IWXXM format will enhance the interoperability and the post-processing opportunities of OPMET data at the end-user side, including the integration in decision making processes



See also the press release issued on 5 September 2017:

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