Your Safety: Our Priority

Your safety is Belgocontrol's reason for being. Passenger, crew or overflown population, your safety is our motto. At Belgocontrol, this means that each action, personal or collective, is motivated by an ultimate aim, focused on a final objective: your safety.

More than 850 people are working every day so that this priority becomes tangible. This priority is rooted on solid foundations and implemented through processes that are constantly being improved.

We at Belgocontrol, are devoted to our mission and that is where we draw the strength that allows us to play an important economic and social role and to offer a service of exceptional quality to our customers. The users of our airspace, which is known as the most complex in Europe, are safely guided in it.

During the last five years, Belgocontrol controlled on average more than 1,000,000 movements a year. The safety occurences concerning infringement of separation between two aircrafts was below 2 for 100,000 movements.

While striving for continuous improvement of its services in terms of capacity and efficiency, Belgocontrol tries to keep its contribution to an accident on a zero level and to minimize the number of incidents despite the traffic growth in the Belgium and Luxembourg airspace.

In order to meet these purposes, Belgocontrol has integrated a safety policy and safety management principles at all the company levels.

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